Carletti Dentistry and Associates provides MTM® Clear Aligner in Tulsa and Sapulpa, Oklahoma, and the surrounding areas to help correct minor misalignments in patients’ smiles. For more information, call our office for your appointment with Dr. J. Andrew Carletti and associates.

What Are MTM Clear Aligners?

MTM clear aligners are a unique and innovative way to straighten smiles that have minor misalignment issues. When most people think of orthodontics and straightening smiles, they often think about braces or aligners that are used to correct highly noticeable misalignments. But what about those who have just a few crowded or gapped teeth? For them, there are MTM clear aligners.

When patients are treated with these aligners, they receive a custom-made, removable and clear aligner that is designed to move their few misaligned teeth back into their proper place. Similar to the Invisalign® treatment process, patients may receive a series of aligners that gradually correct their teeth until they have achieved their ideal, straighter smile. Plus, because the aligner focus on treating only minor misalignments, your treatment time will be significantly shorter than other orthodontic treatment options, such as braces or other invisible aligners.

How Much Do MTM Clear Aligners Cost?

Generally, MTM Clear Aligners are significantly less expensive than other traditional orthodontic treatments, such as braces or other clear aligners. Plus, they may be covered by your insurance which means you may end up paying even less!

Because each person is different, and because our team tailors your treatment plans to your needs, there is no set price for this treatment. The best way to determine your treatment cost is to set up a consultation with our caring and skilled dentists, Dr. Carletti and associates.

When you come in for your initial consultation, our dentists will review your condition and help you know if these aligners are right for you. Our dentists can also discuss your payment options. We are a listed provider for several insurance plans, and we also offer our own in-house discount plan for patients who qualify and have no insurance. There are also financing options through CareCredit®.

At Carletti Dentistry and Associates, our goal is to help our patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. We want to make MTM Clear Aligners affordable for anyone who may benefit from this treatment. Our friendly, knowledgeable team can work with you to find the financial option that best fits your situation.

To learn more we invite you to call our office today. We look forward to serving you!

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