Beware of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Are you tired of being told you snore? Do you know why you are snoring? Snoring is often the primary symptom of obstructive sleep apnea and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Snoring is restricting your air flow, and it could be causing you serious problems for your overall health in your future.

Our dentistss understand the dangers of sleep apnea. That is why our team at Carletti Dentistry and Associates in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, is happy to share with you some risk factors, so you know if you need to seek treatment for your sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea, also known as OSA, is a common condition that targets your breathing motions when you sleep. This condition is risky because it confines the airflow in your body and can lead to other conditions in your body that should not be ignored.

Even though OSA can affect adults and children of any age, there are a few factors to think about that significantly improve your chances of getting it. Here are a few increased risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea:

– Extra weight: Fat deposits around your throat and along your upper airway can make it more difficult for you to breath as you sleep.
– Narrowed airway: Large tonsils or a naturally narrow throat can cause OSA.
– Men: Males have a more substantial chance of developing OSA than women do according to many medical studies.
– Age: OSA is most prevalent in people over the age of forty.
– Smoking: Smoking causes irritation and inflammation your airway.
– Alcohol: Alcohol is known to calm your body and muscles, including the tissues in your throat and airway passages making it harder to breathe as you sleep.

As you can see, many people can fall victim to this condition. If you need help with your sleep apnea, then please call us today at 918-224-0369 to make an appointment. One of our experienced dentists, Dr. J. Andrew Carletti, Dr. Lesley Maxwell, or Dr. Cameron Craig will be happy to review your condition and give you the help you need for quality rest.

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