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Patient Reviews

What our patients are saying about Carletti Dentistry & Associates:


“Dr. Carletti is the most compassionate, caring, and gentle dentist in the entire world. Take it from someone who suffers honest panic and anxiety attacks days before my appointment. If it were not for him, I’d truly not go to any dentist ever. He has been so patient and understanding with me, not to mention the fact that he constantly continues to encourage me which in turn makes me feel so at ease. He has me on the road to recovering from my dental anxiety. Every staff member is exceptional and professional. I am their biggest fan!”


“This was my first visit to the dentist. I couldn’t imagine even trying somewhere else after being treated with such a willingness to want to help me get to the place I want to with a healthy mouth.”


“Everyone in the office was so pleasant! Very nice staff, doctor was also awesome, very funny guy. Wish I would’ve gone here to begin with on my braces journey. I actually got the quick procedure done at this same appointment & was very pleased with results and price!”


“Christie was great! She made me feel better about myself and was very inviting and non-judgmental. She is one of the main reasons I am choosing to continue with a treatment at the Sapulpa office. Excited for a new smile!”


“Carletti & staff were all wonderful, I usually come away from a dentist shamed and feeling even worse about myself and dental health. Dr. C, put my mind at ease, without judgement and gave me an action plan that is quite do-able for me. Thank you!!!”


“My husband and I were pleased with the professional and personable atmosphere and treatment in this office. Recommendation by another of your clients is what brought us there so you must be doing something right!”


“I liked that the dentist checked all around multiple times trying to pin point where the pain was coming from and what might be causing it. Due to the fact that nothing obvious showed up on the x-rays that could be causing the pain. And she went over all my options. And she seemed to really care in helping me keep my tooth. It was a very pleasant experience.”


“The office receptionist was the most welcoming I have met! The doctor was very understanding of my concerns. I have went to the same dentist for 30 years and was very apprehensive to a change with my recent move to Tulsa. I am happy to have her as my new dentist.”


“Everything was great, and I was able to get in the same day I called.”


“I was very pleased with how you handled my daughter’s visit. This was her first dental visit and you made her feel very comfortable. She now wants to be a dentist for Halloween! (That is quite a compliment)”

“This was my first visit to your office and I was very impressed! Dr. Maxwell and her assistant were SO friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely be coming back for future procedures and cleanings, as well as bringing my son for his cleanings. I appreciate how helpful and kind everyone in your office was. Thank you!”


“Since receiving my TMJ mouth guard my quality of life has drastically improved and in only 3 days !!! Until that point, I had a headache every day all day and several migraines per month for the last 6 years. I had seen multiple specialists and had multiple CAT scans, MRI’s, an EEG, and a Spinal Tap, but they never could figure out what was causing them. They put me on medication to lessen the symptoms. I was beginning to accept that I would always have them and just learned to function with them. When I went for my cleaning with Dr. Carletti I mentioned to him that I had noticed that I had been clenching my teeth a lot and had daily headaches. He was able to diagnose me with TMJ. Now I no longer need the medication!!!! Thank you Dr. Carletti!!!! I love all the wonderful staff too!!! Everyone is so friendly and helpful!”

“I just wanted to commend you for one of the most professional, compassionate environments I have ever experienced in a dental visit. I was treated with kindness, professionalism, and empathy, and an office staff that went out of their way.”

“Dr. Carletti was very kind, professional, and I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Quality service and pleasant atmosphere – always.”

“I am very happy with Dr. Carletti & his entire staff. Everyone involved in the practice does their best to explain things & discuss my problems & solutions for the process of restoring my mouth. As for Dr. Carletti, I have not had a sense of well-being about a dentist since childhood. He is great about explaining things as he does them. This, and his great interpersonal skills, make for a perfect dental experience. I am no longer afraid of dentistry & I never thought that was possible. (If he could just give lessons to physicians, it would be a perfect world.) Thanks everyone for your friendly smiles, your professionalism, and for taking the time to care!”

“Thanks for being great!”

Written by Carletti Dentistry 1:29 pm